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When you love juicing but hate cleaning that juicer

Anyone who has ever been into juicing knows that it’s a deceptively simple process of staying on top of your health. What could be so complicated about throwing a bunch of vegetables and fruits into the juicer?

Many do not realize that it takes about four apples to make an 8-oz drink, or nine medium-sized carrots to make a cup of juice. Keeping up with the weekly expenses of buying organic fruits and vegetables is the easy part. The real challenge is cleaning that juicer.

A typical juicer has at least a dozen different parts that need to be washed regularly. Since you’ll need to drink the juice within 20 minutes for best results, prepping ingredients and washing the juicer will take up a chunk of your time every day.

This Food Hub in BGC Will Make You Want to Switch to a Healthy Lifestyle

For a meat and sweets lover like myself, any food involving the words “healthy” or “green” immediately sounds unappetizing. Not for the lack of trying on my parents’ part, mind you—but while fruits are fine, my tastebuds simply aren’t the biggest fan of vegetables. But on second thought, put together an appealing aesthetic and an actual delicious mix of fruits and greens, and I just might be swayed.

What Do We Think Of Juicery By Chateau 1771?

There are people in the world that like meal planning, exercising and feel great after a week of juice cleansing. Then there are people like me, who sleep after a good—read: “bad”—meal and feel no sort of guilt whatsoever.

The Juicery by Chateau 1771 Opens In One Bonifacio High Street Mall

A lot of people claim that nutritious food are not delicious as everything is an alternative to tastier, sinful delights. But with the newly opened The Juicery by Chateau 1771, nutrition and taste complement each other.

Give Fruits a Chance With Juicery's Smoothies and Drinks

This grab-and-go concept by the 1771 Group of Restaurants was supposed to be the function room of Chateau 1771, but they decided to use the space for something new instead. Unlike its sister restaurants, the Juicery gives off a more casual vibe. This little nook is hard to miss with its bright-green neon lights and fresh offerings on display. While not quite a full-service restaurant, there are a handful of tables for customers who want to sit down while having a quick treat. 

The Juicery Opens in BGC With Healthy Alternatives To your On-The-Go Grub

Genuinely healthy snacks are a bit hard to find around the metro. Even if you happen to find a place claiming to offer green grub, they sometimes fall short and the nutritional value of their products are questionable at best. Then comes along this new concept in BGC by Chateau 1771The Juicery, as it is named for simplicity, is 1771 Group’s take on healthy eating with a quick and easy approach.

Grab and Go with Shakes, Smoothies, and Salads at The Juicery

The 1771 group has a portfolio of restaurant brands familiar to many Filipinos who like to dine out. This includes their flagship Chateau 1771, which serves French cuisine tweaked for the Filipino palate; modern Filipino fare in Sentro 1771; comfort food at Flatiron 1771; and the whimsical café setting of Café 1771.

Asia Travel Magazine

The glass railing was a welcome perch to take in the bleeding edge coolness of Bonifacio Global City.

I learned over and took in the manicured parks, futuristic-looking building and pocket alcoves of the Taguig metroplex as it shimmered in all is glory.

Chateau Style, After All These Years

Last month, at lunch at the new Chateau 1771 in One Bonifacio High Street, I realized that years before I began to write about food professionally, I had written an informal review for Chateau 1771. That was back in 1994 when the Philippine Tatler launched the first edition of Metro Manila’s Best Restaurants and my dad was one of the secret reviewers sent out to rate each restaurant. Chateau 1771, in its original location in Malate, was the first restaurant assigned to my dad. He took me with him, and I remember that grown-up thrill of sitting down with him in a fancy, white-tablecloth restaurant, and my earnestness in trying to remember every single detail without taking down notes—because we were there in secret! What I didn’t realize was that my dad would make me write down my thoughts, which he would then use as the structure for his own review.

Pasta chorizo, lemon chicken, steaks and more: Bringing old favorites to a new location

After years in its prime location at Greenbelt 5 with its enviable view of the park, Chateau 1771 has transferred and is now open at One Bonifacio High Street, the mixed-use building in BGC. The new space is wide with a partially open kitchen, a main dining area, and smaller, semiprivate spaces near the back and at the side.

Chateau 1771 finds a new home in BGC

MANILA, Philippines — Fans and loyal customers of Chateau 1771 rejoiced as the fine dining icon reopened its doors at the second floor of One Bonifacio High Street last Jan. 11. Previously located at Greenbelt 5, the restaurant has over the past 30 years become known for its exceptional service and No Borders Cuisine
– delectable innovations in French, Swiss and Italian dishes.

Old love, new home

In 1988, young entrepreneur Ricky Gutierrez lay the foundation for his restaurant “empire.” Envisioning a place where people could come together for an exquisite dining experience, he opened Chateau 1771 at 1771 Adriatico St., Malate, Manila, and succeeded in attracting a dining crowd who knew good food, appreciated wine and enjoyed them together. When chef Vicky Rose Pacheco came on board as executive chef (and business partner later), she innovated the restaurant’s menu and turned it into No Borders Cuisine, which meant creative interpretations of French, Swiss, Italian and other European specialties.

Chateau 1771: 'No Borders Cuisine' for three decades

Since we opened here in Bonifacio Global City, most of our customers have been returning customers and the new ones are their children,” said Vicky Pacheco, COO and executive chef, 1771 Group of companies.

“The older customers remember Chateau 1771 in Malate, which we started 30 years ago. Their children recall the lovely meals they had with their parents.”

It was Ricky Gutierrez, founder and CEO of the 1771 Group of Restaurants, who envisioned a place where people could come together for memorable dining.

Chateau 1771: going where the market is

JUST IN case you missed it, the doors of Chateau 1771 are open again, having moved from Greenbelt to One Bonifacio High Street.

The restaurant, known for its European cuisine, first opened in 1771 Adriatico St. in Manila’s then- hip Malate district in 1988. It has since expanded to several ventures, notably: Sentro 1771, Cafe 1771, and Flatiron 1771.

30 Years And Running, Chateau 1771 Is Still Going Strong At Its New Home In BGC

The brains behind the Chateau group of restaurants, Chef Vicky Pacheco and CEO Ricky Gutierrez have been business partners for 30 years now, having embarked on their culinary adventure in 1989. In those 30 years, they’ve created a culinary standard of excellence, and a restaurant track record, that would turn most restaurateurs green with envy. Chateau 1771, Sentro 1771, Cafe 1771, and Flatiron 1771 are just four of the food concepts that were created and developed by this ‘Dynamic Duo’. And let’s face it, surviving 30 years in our local food business is no mean feat.

Chateau 1771 Relaunches At The Bustling BGC

Ricky Gutierrez, Founder and CEO of the 1771 Group of Restaurants, envisioned a place where people could come together for memorable dining. When Chateau 1771 first opened its doors in 1771 Adriatico Street in 1988, it convened discerning gourmands who wined and dined amidst the backdrop of the busy city life.

How A Favorite Made It Through Three Decades

Chateau 1771 celebrates a successful marriage of East and West. For more than 30 years now, the restaurant has kept the fires burning for No Borders Cuisine, carving a culinary legacy as it moves forward through time. Appropriately, the symbol for this upcoming anniversary is a timepiece. And the people behind the restaurant waste no moment in making new memories with a milestone—a new home at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, their fourth after Malate, Ortigas, and Makati.

Tables for two

Eat your heart out this Valentine’s Day

Chateau 1771 has moved. Its new location on the second floor of One Bonifacio High Street has a breezy al fresco area with a garden view and a sunny indoor dining area with several cozy corners for two. The food is the same no borders cuisine with attention to detail that is the trademark of Chef Vicky Pacheco. The specialties include Chateau 1771 classics like Potence (steak flambéed with brandy), a traditional Scallops au Gratin, the delicious Pasta with chorizo and Gruyere cheese that set the trend for using chorizo in pasta, Chateau Osso Buco, a deceptively simple Coffee Pie that has never been equaled, and a light and crisp Lemon Meringue Torte. Many of the dishes can be shared—for a truly romantic dinner for two. And make sure to end with Irish coffee, which is prepared with impeccable tableside service.

Chateau 1771 Ribbon Cutting and Pre-Opening Party

Official ribbon cutting and pre-opening party in our new location at the 2/F One Bonifacio High Street (PSE Building), 5th Ave. corner 28th Street, BGC

Joining our CEO, Mr. Ricky Gutierrez and Executive Chef/COO Chef Vicky Pacheco are the following:

1. Ms. Mariana Zobel -Deputy Group Head of Ayala Malls
2. Mr. Eckie Gonzales – shareholder of the 1771 Group of Restaurants
3. Ms. Grace Glory Go – Chairman & CEO of The Fookien Times Yearbook
4. Atty. Francis Lim – shareholder of the 1771 Group of Restaurants
5. Ms. Yeng Tupaz – Group Head of Ayala Malls

See you soon in our new home!

Chateau 1771


Monday: Closed for thorough cleaning and sanitation

Lunch: 12:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m.
Dinner: 5:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m.

Brunch: 10:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.
Dinner: 5:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m.


2nd Floor, One Bonifacio High Street Mall (PSE Building), 5th Avenue corner 28th Street, BGC, Taguig City.

Phone : (+63) 917-862-6467

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