[album_item title=”2015 French Film Festival” date_publish=”” thumbnail_url=”” slide_url=””]

At the red carpet premiere of the annual French Film Festival at Greenbelt 5, we let local and international VIPs shine, while keeping our food and wine free-flowing and delightful.[/album_item]

[album_item title=”Catering” date_publish=”” thumbnail_url=”” slide_url=””]

Looking for ideas for your next baptism, party, or reunion? Take a closer look at sophisticated setups from our favorite events, and make sure your next one is an occasion to remember.[/album_item]

[album_item title=”Take a Look Inside” date_publish=”” thumbnail_url=”” slide_url=”” custom_css=”last”]

Innovative takes on authentic French cuisine, welcoming interiors, and casual elegance come together at Chateau 1771 in Greenbelt 5.